måndag 5 december 2016

OPI, Bond... James Bond

Sist ut av magnetlacken, och sist ut av alla Skyfall-lacken, blir Bond... James Bond. Kollektionssammanfattning kommer inom kort, även om det bara är tre lack i den här minikollektionen.

Så. Bond... James Bond är alltså ett magnetiskt lack som är en mix av guld- och silverfärgade partiklar, som separerar sig i sina respektive färger. Jag tycker nästan det här lacket är snyggast i sin mixade form. Magneten till det här lacket är rutmönstrad och funkar sådär, i min mening.

Mest separerar den upp lacket i fläckar, även om rutmönstret kan anas. Det är nästan så att magnaten är så kraftig att den till och med separerar lacket så det blir bald spots, och det är ju inte så kul. Magneten funkar allra bäst på ganska flata naglar, så mina rätt så kuperade pekfingernaglar ser ut ungefär som vanligt.
Det här är tre lager lack, magnet i ungefär 6 sekunder på vissa naglar, topplack på.

Tyckte det var lämpligt att matcha med filmboxen till det här lacket.

Betyg 2/5

Last polish out of the Skyfall collection is Bond... James Bond, one of he magnetic polishes.
This is a mix between gold and silver thar seperates into its respective colours. The magnet that gomes with this polish is a grid pattern that mostly just makes spots, in some cases even bald spots.
The magnet works best on flat nails, so my domed pointer fonger nails didn't get much seperation. I prefer this mixed though.
This is three coats, magnet on some nails for about 6 seconds, topcoat.
Matching with my dvd-box with the Bond-films.

Do I really need to make a prestation of the man behind the name of this polish? It is of course the getleman spy we all love and adore - and by "all" I mean "me". Since the first film came in 1962 Bond James Bond have been portrayed by six actors: Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. I hope to see my favourite Bond, Daniel Craig, in at least one more film, but the future of Bond is as yet unwritten. He is romoured for the 25th Bond-film thogh. Whenever that one hits the cinemas...

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  1. It is alright. I have the Bond Collection but not the magnetics! :-D

    Roger Moore all the way. 2 Favourites: The Man With The Golden Gun and A View To A Kill. I like the theme songs to both these, the villians Lee & Walken and they are both just fab films :-D

    I don't know if the rumours were right about Idris Elba? I'd love him as Bond. He was brilliant in The Wire and Luther <3 *coughs* not to mention hot :-D ;-)

    1. The rumours about Idris Elba was mostly wishful thinking from someone at Sony I believe. It was leaked information a few years ago. I made a post about this on my other blog - in Swedish though.
      I wouldn't mind Elba AT ALL, since he is a great actor and veryveryvery hot indeed. But at the moment he is busy doing the part of Roland dechain in the adaptation of Stephen King's Dark Tower series. That I've been looking forward to for the past 10 years. FINALLY! And with Elba? Thank you very much! <3


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