måndag 2 november 2015

This is the end...

...hold your breath and counnnnnnt......... to ten*

I'll write this post in English 'cause I can't muster up the strenght to write it twice in both Swedish and English. If you want it in Swedish run it through Google translate - that's always funny.

The thing is this - my box of untested polishes is empty. The neverending stash of nailpolish has dried out and I don't have anything new to show. The picturearchive is empty.
I could do re-runs, I could do themes, I could try to find those few polishes in the collection that haven't been seen here and give them some light. But I'm not sure I want to?

Money, as always, is part of the problem and as of now I am not only unemployed going on my 5th year, I am also out of funds and I can't really depend on my darling husband to feed me material for this blog. And apart from the Skyfall-collection there really isn't anything I really want nail polish wise right now. That may be my depression talking though, and my evergrowing lack of fucks to give. Yes - I swore.
So I don't know. Is it worth the effort? Have I got it in me to try and find new matching objects to polishes I've already shown here? Or should I just pack up my things, say farewell and be done with it?
As of now I don't know, but I will not be around for a while while I make up my mind. I'll let you know though and if you should miss me too much I'm always at my other blog - Livet enligt Jenny - that I have no plans of pulling the plug on. That one's in Swedish though.

*And ofcourse the song lyric is from Adele's Bond-song "Skyfall". Since I love it. So if this is the end I'm going out with a bit of Bond.