lördag 26 november 2016

Darling Diva Polish, The healer

Jag hittade sol! Man kan se att det är holo! Men det är såklart ännu mer holo på riktigt.

The healer är ett mörkt grönt lack som lutar aningen år teal. Massor av fantastiskt holo.

Två lager som var lätta att få dit och torkade bra. Har inga klagomål alls över det här.

Varför blev filten grå på den här bilden? Den är ju grön! Sådär så att mina naglar liksom försvann lite.

Betyg 5/5

I found the sun! You can see the holo! It's still better irl, but this will do.
The healer is a dark green holopolish that leans slightly teal. Really beautiful.
This is two coats with topcoat, easy to apply and dried quickly.
MAtching with a blanket that turned grey in my pictures. In real life it's the same green as my nails, so much so that the nails kind of disappeared.

Source Teen Wolf Pack Wikia
The healer in "Teen Wolf" is Alan Deaton, the town's friendly veterinarian, Scott works after school at his clinic. He is also - s driud. Yup. And a helper of werewolfs. He used to be the emissary for the Hale-family before disater struck, and now he's helping Scott (way more than he ever helped Derek) with sage and vague advise.
Deaton is played by Seth Gilliam. If you think you recognise him maybe you watch "The walking dead". I don't but my darling husband and the Chiliboy does, and sometimes I've seen Seth Gilliam on screen when they watch it, dressed like a priest.